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BTS&BT21 Mystery Gift BOX[Hoodie]

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💜 BTS Mystery Random Gift Box 

💜The box contains 3-5 random items, T-shirt, or hoodie is one of them.

💜 T-shirt or Hoodie include: permission to dance, butter, dynamite, love yourself, map of the soul, in the soop, and more

Items include plushies, headbands, dolls, PJs, slippers, earrings, necklaces, keychains, photo cards, stickers, posters, caps & hats, pillows, bracelets, etc.

Tee - Unisex

    Size Length Chest
    S 71cm 46cm
    M 74cm 51cm
    L 76cm 56cm
    XL 79cm 61cm
    2XL 81cm 66cm
    3XL 84cm 71cm
    4XL 86cm 76cm
    5XL 89cm 81cm

    Hoodie - Unisex

      Size Length Chest Sleeve
      S 67cm 51cm 88cm
      M 71cm 56cm 90cm
      L 74cm 61cm 93cm
      XL 76cm 66cm 95cm
      2XL 78cm 71cm 98cm
      3XL 82cm 76cm 99cm
      4XL 84cm 82cm 100cm
      5XL 86cm 86cm 102cm

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